Voucher Codes Germany – where do I find voucher codes for German online shops?

Mode & Lifestyle von Mario am 08.05.2012

An unsere deutschen Leser: mit diesem Beitrag möchten wir unserem englischen Publikum eine kurze Einführung geben!

If you are used to shop online in the US or UK, voucher codes may be a common thing to use whenever you finish your purchase. People like it and the success is tremendous – because it’s easy and it does save you money. Many big retailers such as Tesco, Play.com, Dell or HP offer such codes. Now you may wonder: are there such sites in Germany as well? And the answer is: There are!
What is the difference between Gutscheinpony and Groupon or Dailydeal?
At Gutscheinpony, we believe that online shopping should be as easy as possible. If you want to buy something you mostly want to get it as soon as possible. Now you are prepared that shipping will take you a day or two. However, if you use a paid voucher such as a Groupon or a Dailydeal coupon, you first have to pay and wait until the deal has ended before you are able to redeem it. Moreover you can only buy at shops that are currently on offer. Our aim is to get you the voucher codes you need at the time you need them.

We try hard to have a complete up-to-date database of more than 3,000 voucher codes for the 1,500 most important German online shops. Our smart editorial team led by Michele finds you only the best voucher codes.
What kind of shops do you feature?
From A.T.U. to zalando our range includes clothing, electronics, travel, entertainment, events and much more. Is there any shop you like that you can’t find on our site? We’re happy to hear your suggestions!
Is Gutscheinpony free? How do you make money?
Yes, Gutscheinpony is absolutely free. We get paid by shops that are happy about the traffic we drive to their sites.